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Teaching Your Teen How to Drive – Tips from Big Motoring World

Big motoring world-5Is it finally time to for your teenage son or daughter to get behind the wheel and learn how to drive? If so, how does that make you feel? Truth is… you are probably not as excited as he or she is about it. Teaching your teen how to drive can be an emotional time for you. Not only is your baby growing up, but is also going to be doing something that is potentially dangerous if not done carefully.

To help you and your teenager prepare for this next step, the Big Motoring World team has come up with some useful tips for teaching your teen how to drive safely.

  1. The Big Motoring World Canterbury team advises against rushing. As far as learning how to drive is concerned, it is imperative that you start slow. Instead of immediately jumping into the highway, have your teenager practice accelerating, braking, turning, and parking in an open, unoccupied parking lot. The main thing isacclimatizing the teenager with the feel of the BMW and maneuvers.
  2. Limit distractions. Do not allow your teenager to be on his smartphone while driving. It is important to limit distractions and to maintain focus on the road, say Big Motoring World specialists. Other distractions the fledgling driver should avoid include changing radio stations, eating, and driving with friends in the vehicle.
  3. Draw up a driving contract with your teenager. Make your rules for safe driving very clear by coming up with a contract together. It is crucial that your young driver realizes that driving is not a right but a privilege, so should adhere to your rules. When you draw up the contract, make sure you include clauses such as who pays for the fuel, when access to the car is allowed and what is proper car maintenance and etiquette.
  4. The Big Motoring World Snodlandteam also recommends that you lead by example. Your teenager has already picked up a lot about driving from the way you drive your BMW. So be certain that you are showing a good example, such as coming to complete stops at stop signs and always wearing your seatbelt.
  5. Big Motoring World specialists assert that you should maintain a safe car. The importance of driving a safe BMW cannot be overemphasized. Make certain that your teenager is up-to-date with maintenance services, has good brakes, good tires, etc. If you need to bring your car to the Big Motoring World Prestige service facility, bring your teen with you. This is a good opportunity for them to learn on what is required to properly maintain a safe automobile.

If you can only take one thing from this article about teaching your teen how to drive, let it be that you should take your time. Investing as much time as possible teaching your teen how to drive will not only save his life in the future, but will also provide you with an opportunity to spend quality, fun with your child.

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