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Review – 435i M Sport

The BMW 435i M Sport is currently the most engaging and sporty version of the 4 series on the market.

With the M4 on the horizon, it would be easy to reserve judgement on this vehicle. However, as it turns out, this sporty version of the BMW 4 Series is an outstanding car in its own right.

435i M Sport

The tweaks to the appearance of the vehicle give it a slightly more aggressive look which perfectly complements the driving experience.

The suspension has been altered to ensure that the drive is as clean and smooth as possible at all times.
You can choose from 18 or 19 inch alloys which both look great. Coupled with the adapted side sills and the significantly altered front end of the car, you are getting a lot of perks for the price compared to the next version down.

435i M Sport1
The interior of the car is as you would expect. Very sleek, very smooth and with all of the little subtle additions you would envisage in an M Sport version of the 4 Series.The small M badge located at the bottom of the steering wheel is a nice touch. If anything, the interior is nicely understated compared to previous M Sport models.

The drive seems slightly airy at slow speeds with the car operating in a standard setting, but a quick change to the Sport+ mode immediately tightens things up, making it an excellent car to drive at any speed.

The car handles and performs excellently on track and on the road. BMW have taken a highly considered approach to the alterations they have made with this car. They have even decided to buck some of their own trends in previous M Sport models, including keeping the height of the vehicle the same as the other versions of the 4 Series. The car actually seems to benefit from this.

Overall, it would be fair to say that the BMW 435i M Sport meets and even exceeds expectations. It’s a great car to look at and is equally excellent to drive. If you are looking for a car that takes a slightly more subtle approach than the M4 inevitably will, this is an excellent choice.

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