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Crucial Points to Consider When Purchasing a Used BMW – Big Motoring World

1You’ve saved up enough money to buy a new set of wheels. However, this time round, you want to try out the market of luxury German cars. You’ve driven your ever-economic Honda or Ford for years, and want to make the switch to a powerful machine. After checking out all the top German vehicle brands, your heart finally settles on the BMW. But soon, you see the hefty price tag… and your heart sinks.

The BMW – Bavarian Motor Works – is among the most popular car manufacturers in the world. Its automobiles are known for their fine performance, design, luxury and the torque they provide. But, all the great elements that this iconic German brand offers comes at a price—a price that is not within everybody’s reach. However, if your heart really yearns for a Bimmer, there is always the alternative of going for a used model at Big Motoring World Canterbury, Big Motoring World Snodland or Big Motoring World Prestige.

Just keep in mind these few tips before buying a used BMW at Big Motoring World or any other reputable independent BMW dealership:

1. Know the vehicle’s history

Before you buy the car, it is essential to check the vehicle’s history. Have an in-depth talk with the seller and find out from him/her everything you wish to know. This should include knowledge of how long the seller has owned the car, how many other previous owners has the vehicle had, has the Bimmer ever been damaged in an accident, when was the last service undertaken, are there any liens charged to the car, and most crucially, why is s/he selling the car.

The seller would likely clear your doubts, but unless you are buying from a reputable independent dealer, such as Big Motoring World, don’t just rely on his/her word. Perform a personal inspection of the car.

2. Inspect first then buy

Don’t just buy the car you see on the picture or advertisement. Perform a thorough inspection of the vehicle, and check the exteriors and interiors properly. BMW is known for all its fancy electronics and accessories. Make sure they are all working properly. In addition to that, check the condition of the tires, and ask the seller if they require replacement.

Another critical step in this process is checking all the car records to make sure that the car has been bought from a certified dealer and whether it has undergone regular maintenance and servicing. When shopping for a used BMW at Big Motoring World, the sales personnel will provide all the relevant documents and records that you need to check out.

3. Service and repair

Maintaining a BMW can be costly therefore, it is prudent to conduct some research, and consult a local service center that specializes in servicing and repairing BMWs. Because the vehicle has limitless specs, not every general garage will have the capacity to work on your Bimmer… to give it the care it needs. Make sure you service your BMW at a service center that employs BMW certified mechanics.

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