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Cool and Exhilarating Used BMW Options from Big Motoring World Prestige

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If you are a car lover then you appreciate that a BMW is at the apex of prestigious cars. These cars have consistently blended comfort and performance, a feat that is a rare in the automotive industry. If you want value for money in a used car this should be the brand of choice.

Not only does a BMW provide you with luxurious driving, it also comes with precision in manufacturing to give the ideal driving experience. If you shop from an established dealer such as Big Motoring World Prestige you are sure to get a machine that will serve you with dedication.

The Coolest Used BMWs

A study published on the prestigious Edmunds car site and also on Testing Autos listed several BMWs that are popular with buyers. If you are trying to get the best car such a comparison is a good start in order to make an informed choice. Some of the used BMWs that buyers cannot get enough of include:

  • BMW X5: If you are able to get a 2007-2012 X5, then you are in luck because this car fuses luxury and sportiness in the best way possible. The E70 seems to have been built with the single intention of showing how good the guys in Munich are. The original petrol engine with an inline-6 or V8 was joined by the diesel engine in 2009. This all-wheel drive comes in automatic transmission and five-star rating in safety.


  • BMW X3: You can buy this SUV which is rated as the sportiest car with manual transmission. It is based on the 3 Series but comes with a firmer ride and crisp handling. It offers everything you need from good cargo capacity, plenty of room inside, high driving position and good visibility. According to EPA, this ride offers 2.5L BMW X3 with an automatic transmission at 15/22 MPG (15.7/10.7 L/100km). Like all BMWs you can expect reliable and safe driving in your X3.


  • BMW 3-Series: This is the most popular used car according to a 2013 study published in the Telegraph. It is a car that has undergone a lot of redesigning since the 90s and if you get a 2006-2011 model you can either opt for a 3.0L turbo charged engine or the 2009 265-hp 3.0L turbo diesel. This car has quality all through from the comfy interior to the engine. It is a versatile ride whether you are going to the office or you want a family car.


  • BMW 7-Series: If you want a large sedan then you are in luck. This is the largest BMW luxury sedan and hence its popularity with used car buyers. The best buy should be a 7 to 9 year old model because it will save you the high depreciation blues. You will also save gas money as EPA rates the V8 or 12 engines at 15/23 MPG and 13/20 MPG respectively. Simply put it is a compact car that always has heads turning.

These are just some of the great machines you can buy from Big Motoring World Prestige. This dealer has the largest stock of BMWs in the UK and its facility just out of West Malling is conveniently located off the A20 and easily accessible from the M26, M20 and M2.

If you want to reinvigorate your driving with one of these cool BMWs why not click away and start selecting from Big Motoring World Prestige?

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