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BMW X4 M in doubt


You have to agree that the BMW X ranges are some of the best 4X4 vehicles we have on our roads. Already, we have X1, X3, X4, X5, X6 and their M versions for those with passion for power. With the introduction of the new X4, you would have thought that BMW would produce an X4 M; but that’s not the case.

During the launch of the new BMW X5 in Australia, Bernhard Ederer told Car Advice he wouldn’t “bet on it”. That’s a shame considering the success of the X Series, and the potential market the X4 M could capture.

Strangely, Mr Ederer’s reasoning is that the X4 M sales could cannibalize the X6 M sales- that’s highly unlikely from my perspective. Each car will surely appeal to different users, and these users will be segmented based on disposable income. I would expect the X6 M to be considerable more expensive than the X4 M. Ederer further told Car Advice “The question is what customers are we talking to? And are we talking to someone that is willing and able to afford [an X6 M]?”

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