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BMW M5 and M6 get new M performance accessories

With the hugely popular M Series continuing to enjoy strong sales in the UK, BMW is looking at ways to further set the BMW M5 and M6 apart from the competition. Taking inspiration from 2011 touring car champion Martin Tomczyk’s M3 DTM model, the German manufacturer has outlined a selection of new performance accessories to be made available to customers.
BMW M5Firstly, the famous ‘kidney grille,’ which has become synonymous with the automaker over the years, gets a pleasing gloss black finish and is accentuated by an M performance body stripe. Elsewhere, more exterior augmentations come in the form of lightweight carbon fibre wing mirrors, matched in style by a rear spoiler and rear diffuser.

Although almost exclusively cosmetic in nature, the accessories available do affect the car’s feel and sound, both to the driver and onlookers. In particular, a new titanium exhaust system, which is a reported 10kg lighter than standard, provides each vehicle with a growl befitting a victorious touring car. Carbon ceramic brakes – which trim another 19.4kg off the vehicle’s weight – are also available, and come with 20-inch M light-alloy wheels.

It’s not just the exterior which benefits from this selection of upgrades, though. On the inside, an array of subtle changes spruce up the interior to great effect. Racing fans will find great enjoyment in the LED racing display built into the new Alcantara steering wheel. Stainless steel pedals further denote the accessory selection’s sporting influences, while carbon fibre gear selector, console and dash pieces round off the new look.

Prices are yet to be confirmed, but these M performance accessory options are set to become available to the British public in early 2014. Only time will tell whether or not other manufacturers will choose to follow BMW’s lead and bring sporting style to the market.

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