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BMW in Sussex

For those in Sussex looking to buy a cheap BMW there are numerous options. Sussex has a variety of competitively priced BMWs that will not put a dent in your finances.

James Paul are a BMW dealer based in West Sussex. They have been selling BMWs since 1990. They usually have a variety of models in their showroom including the BMW 3, 5 and 7 series. James Paul are also able to offer various warranty and finance options.

Tempest for Cars in Brighton sell numerous BMW models and are a particularly good dealership to search for used BMWs. They also offer some servicing and repair for cars.

Finally Munich Legends is an small independent BMW dealer based in Chelwood Gate, East Sussex. They sell a variety of new and classic models. They are also able to offer a full restoration service for lots of BMW models. Munich Legends also sell spare parts for most BMWs.

If you are willing to travel further afield, the South East has the only BMW Supermarket the country has in Kent. Less than an hour away from Sussex, they have over 1250 quality vehicles in group stock, at prices that are usually much lower than the main dealers.

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