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Big Motoring World – Purchasing a Used BMW


There is no doubt that the BMW is an amazing vehicle. It is also an expensive car. The good news is that while a brand new BMW may be out of the reach fora lot of people, a used or pre-owned Beamer is relatively affordable at Big Motoring World. What this means is that you can get an amazing car for a reasonable price.

Before you buy the car at Big Motoring World, there are a few things you need to know in order to helpyou make the right choice.


Check the bodywork for any signs of damage or inconsistencies before you buy the car. Inspect the car for any wear and tear that is not consistent with the car’s declared age. Before used BMWs are put up for sale at Big Motoring World Snodland, they go through a rigorous body check to ensure they meet certification standards.

Paint and finish

At Big Motoring World Canterbury, used BMWs have the same shade of paint on the whole vehicle. Spots with a different shade may point to the car having been repaired and repainted after sustaining considerable damage.


Check the door and wing panels, as well as the edges of other panels on the car. The tiny gaps between panels should be consistent throughout the car. A BMW that has undergone significant repairs with have different gap sizes between the panels. These inconsistencies may also imply the use of older BMW panels or third party panels as replacements.


Among the most important things to check when buying a used BMW is the mileage. You don’t have to be a Big Motoring World specialist to know that a used BMW with excessive mileage will break down sooner rather than later; and the cost of repairing such a car will drill a huge hole in your pocket.

Sure enough, check to see that the odometer has not been tampered with. Check all the available paperwork, including service records, against the reading for digital odometers. For analog odometers, the numbers will be slightly out of alignment if it has been clocked.

Needless to say, when you buy a used BMW from a reputable dealer such as Big Motoring World Prestige, you don’t have to worry about the odometer being tampered with.

Under the hood

Take a look under the hood before you buy the car. Perform a brief inspection, checking for corrosion, pitting and rust. Ascertain that the engine is oil-free. A lot of oil lying in the engine or around it suggests that something is leaking. Also have a look at the engine block for oil stains. Notable staining suggests a problem with the head gasket.

Paperwork and VIN number

Go over all the available paperwork before you buy a used BMW from Big Motoring World. It is important that you check the VIN number. The VIN number on the car should match the VIN number on the documents. Obtain a full service history of the car to get an idea of how well the previous owner maintained it.


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