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Big Motoring World – Getting your BMW Serviced

BMW is the number one preference among car lovers because leading BMW specialists such as Big Motoring World, UK, offer the best BMW servicing. Nonetheless, before you identify BMW servicing from an authorized BMW specialist Centre, know your car’s specifications. This way, you know which parts need the most care.

Among the basic BMW servicing needs is cleaning. When cleaning your car, keep the following in mind:

Mechanical cleaning

• Make certain that the service Centre can accommodate your car’s size, and that the movement of the car wash mechanism poses no risk of damage to the wing mirrors, wheels, etc.
• If you are unsure, let the car wash operator advice you on the risk of damage to add-on body parts, such as the radio antennae and spoilers, before getting into the car wash.
• Before leaving the car wash, make sure that sand and other coarse impurities are rinsed off.
• In case you want a car wash with brushes, identify a modern service with soft brushes to avoid scratching your car’s paintwork.
• The high-pressure or steam jet washer should be at a sufficient distance from the car. The temperature should not exceed 60°C to avoid substantial damage to the surface.
• Cars with soft tops: Car washes that use high pressure jets close to the windows may drip water into the interior. Therefore, visit a BMW specialist such as at Big Motoring World - one that uses textile brushes. You may want to avoid a wax programme for your soft-top car as it could harm your roof.
• Always turn off the rain sensor before entering an automatic car wash.
• During winter, your car will need frequent cleaning. Substantial deposits of road salts and dirt are hard to remove and may damage your car.

Manually cleaning your BMW?

• Beware of some household detergents being used to clean your vehicle. They can ruin your glass, paintwork and bodywork. Car care products approved by BMW ensure quality and assurance of a wash that will not hurt your car.
• Bird lime corrodes your car’s paintwork. Remove it as soon as possible. Remove it safely and quickly by soaking it in BMW Car Shampoo and warm water. This dissolves the residue without rubbing, and can be easily rinsed off with cold water.
• Do not wash your BMW immediately after travelling. The impact of cold water on warm components can cause rapid contraction leading to long-term damage.
• Washing your car in bright sunlight may cause ugly water spotting from lime scale residue—especially for dark-coloured cars. Make sure you carefully rinse your car in the shade.
• When you polish your car, do not leave unsightly smear marks on your dark coloured trims. Cover them with masking tape while buffing the rest of the bodywork.

After cleaning your BMW

Go for a brief drive, applying the brakes in order to dry them out. This prevents reduction of braking capabilities as a result of wet brakes. It also stops the brake discs from getting corroded.


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