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Big Motoring World – BMW Car Care Detailing Equipment

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With the right detailing techniques and skills, you can maintain your BMW’s brand-new look for years to come. If you are looking for a quick way of detailing, you are probably going to get a quickie result—put another way, gradual deterioration of your car’s finish to the point where its looks precisely its age.

Big Motoring World specialists share the detailing equipment that savvy BMW owners use to keep their cars looking showroom new.

Equipment and supplies

As a rule, it is always prudent to take your BMW to a reputable service center to have it detailed by professionals. However, with some research, care and practice, you can do it yourself using the following tools recommended by BMW specialists.

  1. 1.     Dual-action variable-speed polisher and pads

Big Motoring World specialists recommend a Porter Cable 7424 dual action variable speed (orbiting) polisher. Variable speed is important because polishing needs higher speed than waxing, sealing or glazing. You need dual action because circular polishers can impact serious damage to the paint if used the wrong way. Circular polishers are best left to the body shop professionals at Big Motoring World Canterbury, Big Motoring World Prestige, or Big Motoring World Snodland.

Additionally, you need a 6-inch Velcro backing plate to use with a six pack of buffing pads and polishing pads. Buffing and polishing pads look similar except that the buffing pad is smooth while the polishing pad foam is cut with a little more “tooth.”

You will find that you don’t need more than a single pad for each polishing and sealant session. However, the important thing here is to have pads dedicated for each task—polishing and sealing.

  1. 2.     Sheepskin wash mitts

Sponges of every kind—manufactured or natural—are very rough on your BMW’s paint. For this reason, Big Motoring World specialists recommend using sheepskin mitts to clean the exterior.

  1. 3.     Wheel cleaner

Wheel cleaner is, for the most part, unnecessary as long as you wash the vehicle and the wheels once weekly. A majority of these cleaners contains mild acids and if you can avoid using them, you are better off because over time, they will etch the wheel.

  1. 4.     100% microfiber towels / cotton Terrycloth

100% terrycloth towels are great for drying your BMW because they hold a lot of water and are easy to clean. Just ensure that they are 100% cotton. If the base of the fabric or the binding material is polyester, it will eventually scratch your paint.

The most suitable towels to remove detailing materials, such as sealant, glaze, or polish, are microfiber towels. Their sticky quality makes them clean the car beautifully with minimal streaks. Only once you have tried one will you realize how good an investment it is. However, these towels are not recommended where water is involved as they tend to smear poorly. Their polyester fibers don’t absorb the water as effectively as cotton.

In a nutshell, use terrycloth for drying, and microfiber for removing detailing products and final cleanup.

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